About Makin jan ma

Makin grew up on a chicken farm in Hong Kong when he was young. He would wake up to thousands of chickens every morning. He climbed trees and rode his bicycle around all the time. Makin came to London to study Graphic Design when he was 19. He found out that he wasn't really living a normal life as all his friends from Hong Kong lived in tall buildings and had never even climbed a tree. He went to Central St. Martins for his bachelor's degree and earned a first class honours for his study. He started developing his own visual language. He spent everyday at the college to experiment new things, finding new interests. St Martins gave him the freedom to try and to make mistakes. By making many mistakes he started to have confidence in his own way of seeing things. Until the end of his BA course he realized he wanted more time to further develop his own language so he applied to go to the Royal College of Art and he gained 2 more years to think and make personal works. RCA experience was invaluable to him. It helped him to slow down and think deeper. Also he learnt to see the beauty of sharing. Sharing creativity and also sharing life with the others. Makin is an artist who makes conceptual, yet playful use of a diverse range of mediums for his works. Makin Jan Ma, is one of the members of Janfamily, who has released a book titled 'Plans For Other Days' in 2005. Using such different mediums for his creation he makes things to express ideas overflowing inside him.

After the graduation of RCA in 2005, Makin starts to explore and execute his passion for creating.

Makin participated in group exhibitions with the Janfamily around the world and in the mean time he started to develop his own film project.

Makin writes stories and scripts and he makes clothes for his characters. He makes films for his stories while the characters wear their clothes in the films. Making film or actually dreaming to make a film is like a journey on its own. The process of creating creates a lot of space to create. Dream gathers people who share. It is an ongoing project. Makin reminds himself to keep this project open minded and see what will come along.

Since 2006, Makin has been heavily involved in contemporary fashion scene and keeps creating edgy yet comfortable collections with endless MJM signature prints based on story telling. Makin Jan Ma gained international success reaching sales outlet around the globe including UK, Germany, Belgium, Middle East, Denmark, France, Italy, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.


A Character Workshop by MAKIN JAN MA

Since 2010, Makin focuses on building collections based on character building. Each collection is an expression of unique emotions, experiences and everyday actions of each character. Every element of all creations are deeply considered and created through each character's soul and mind, tears and laughters. Makin creates and develops unique visual languages to communicate the hearts of each character through writings, drawings, paintings, sculptures, animations, films.

Makin Jan Ma as a brand also open to create characters for the others.

Please feel free to get in touch for collaboration ideas.